Dale Pearlman MD
Family Dermatology
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Meet Dale Pearlman

Since we have not yet met, let me introduce myself.

I am a Stanford University trained doctor and specialist in dermatology. I enjoy treating both children and adults. I diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin problems.... from rashes, to bumps and lumps, to hair loss, to nail problems  I often participate in training medical students and young doctors specializing in dermatology. The ongoing exposure to new ideas and new approaches helps keep me fresh and more aware of the new developments in my field.

I enjoy research and developed new treatments for head lice and eczema.. 

To learn more about my head lice treatment go to Nuvoforheadlice.com.

To learn more about about my eczema treatment go to Orliderm-eczema-treatment.com.

Outside of work I enjoy a range of activities. My family can keep me pretty busy between the interests and activities of my wife the writer, my son the engineer, and my daughter the attorney. Here we are at a family event a few years ago: